Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MOOD joey feldman

Joey Feldman put three desks into the second bedroom of his apartment in Los Angeles to make a space for channeling some negative feelings in a positive way. I can't help but wonder how much the cat influences his final work! See more at

What are the themes and medium of your art:
my art is based on how i feel, could be a mood, a news article, etc mostly  fueled by anger and resentment, i take it out on the paper rather then in the “real” world pen/inks acrylics have always worked for me

What is the best way for people to buy your art? website is easiest, i like to speak with clients first

 What’s your workspace like? a 2nd bedroom in my apartment, 3 desks, an easel and my cat who acts as my studio assistant

Do you work outside of the studio? If so, please tell us about that. sketch and drawing classes outside of studio

 When is the best time for you to create? i have a ritual almost everyday, alarm rings at 425 am, i have my iced coffee from the night before and meditate for 20 mins and get to the drawing board by 5 am. i work until i run out of energy. if theres any mindless rendering to be done in the afternoon, i can that but the design energy usually has left

Are there any special conditions you enjoy or even require? i tend to make a mess but my studio has to be neat walking into it. i clean the night before so i dont step into a mess. there can be no bills, clothes around-that stuff bothers me. i listen to audio books and some music. if i pick the wrong music-it may change the work

What feelings do you hope to evoke from your audience with your art? Is there anything about your workspace that helps you channel those energies? How do you know when you’ve made your message clear or if people “got it”? i dont know if the worksapce has any influence in that regard but  i love posting the finished work on social media and getting comments from the audience of what they see/feel in the work. some people get it right away, others come from left field , comment what it means to them and i love it! if i could get a message out, any message or have someone feel something simply by viewing my work, ive done my job. and what blows me away, id say 80% of the audience is looking at the work on a phone!

Is there anything else you want to say about how you work or what you do, or any aspect of this topic? i have to draw everyday. if i don’t, i get very self centered and sort of depressed. so there is a benefit not only for being able to support myself but a therapuatic value to me showing up everyday. i never know whats going to happen. i never really know what im going to draw that day and thats enough for me to keep showing up. i also try to not take myself too seriously 

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