Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MOOD Alicia R Peterson

Alicia R Peterson paints contemporary, abstract art in acrylic on linen or canvas in the NYC greater area. Here's her artist statement, which can be found at where one may also purchase her work. 

I create space for the unspeakable. I birth unworldly creatures and they linger in the shadows. I paint from the heart intuitively in raw expression. I percolate, ripen and my work pours out of me. I flow. I see the persistence of my essence and it feeds me.
Sometimes, I paint the power of less.
I am a self-taught artist. An inner voice called to me in 1994. I painted what I thought no one could see. What I did not know. I held my work close, private. I took studio art classes but left feeling constrained. Instead, I chose to paint voraciously in solitude.
In 2013, I embraced my longing to be seen and understood. Philip Pearlstein curated my first NY group exhibition at Gallery North in East Setauket. Shortly after, I began studies with painter Stan Brodsky at the Art League of Long Island.I am honored to be a Doctor of Audiology, and retired in 2010 after twenty-six years. Art is my lifeblood.
Line, color and space connect us. I paint our universal existence. In this ecstatic moment we are not alone.
Alicia R Peterson, Copyright © 2014


Do you paint en plein air? If so, please tell us about your traveling studio.
Just recently doing abstract workings in plein air a very interesting and challenging experience.
 When is the best time for you to create?
Always… my artist eye never stops looking and creating
Are there any special conditions you enjoy or even require?
I get paint all over my studio and me and I relish this!     I will listen to music or listen to the sounds of nature or listen to the music within.  I often dance before hand to get the creative juices going.
What feelings do you hope to evoke from your audience with your art?
My about page talks on this
Line, color and space connect us. I paint our universal existence. In this ecstatic moment we are not alone.

Is there anything about your workspace that helps you channel those energies? How do you know when you’ve made your message clear or if people “got it”?
I see moments of transformation in people’s faces as they enter my paintings.    These moments are some of my most significant moments as an artist.  

Recent works

Or VIDEO!!!!

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