Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gearing Up

now that baby is 5 months old, I am getting ready to get back to class where I am forced to make time for painting. I know that I can accomplish a lot more with a little pressure from the outside world, and that I have to reach out to get that pressure applied. In the meantime, I have been working on some felt blocks because they are easy to stitch while I nurse our son. The possibilities within the California theme are just about limitless! For now:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've been on artistic hiatus as of late, as all my energy has been devoted to becoming a first time mom! My greatest creation yet is named Jack Robert, he has his own blog but since I've made little else besides him in the last few months, here's a picture of my success:

He's already two months old, and I don't want to jinx myself but I think this mothering business is coming along just fine. He's been to lots of restaurants and parties, and today he saw his first art show. I entered my piece, but it was not selected. I'm guessing because I took the semester off and they wanted to give priority to currently enrolled students at Valley. When it is returned to me, I will post a picture here for you to see. In the fall I will be taking watercolor, I will be working on some kind of tangible project - most students make greeting cards or calendars or books. As usual, I have a list of ideas for projects I would like to create in watercolor, including a deck of playing cards, a book of my baby's firsts, and I'd like to do some painting on fabric to make quilts and handbags. Besides the required painting work, I would also like to get my sewing machine dusted off because I have grandiose plans for multiple quilts, a quiet book and a few crafts just for Jack. Let's see how much of this actually happens as I will also be enrolled in two online classes and I'm already back to work in real estate - Jack has already learned how to upload a listing to the MLS because it's never too early to learn something useful!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brian and Nicole

My friend Nicole wanted to give the gift of a painting of one of their wedding pictures to her husband for Christmas this year. Here is their original photo:

and here is my watercolor interpretation of their moment:

Once again, excuse the light and angle of the photo of my painting. It was still wet when I took the picture (and therefore some parts of the background appear white that are not) and I forgot to take a better shot before packaging it up to send to them in New York. I hope she will send me a photo of the painting when it is framed and hung in their home! My husband and I have just purchased a dslr, so I am looking forward to obsessing about taking better images of my artwork as soon as it arrives. I am still painting and keeping a creative journal, but I will go ahead and play the pregnancy card to explain my lowered productivity as of late. That's right, we're 7 months along!

Expect either a complete break in my updates here in the next few months, OR a change in direction as I stop posting my work and make this blog more personal to update with lots of pictures of the baby. Perhaps the baby will get his or her own blog, just to keep family and friends who live far away up to date with the first few years. Then again, I have always loved the expression "I'm so crafty, I even make people" so I suppose it makes sense to track the growth of my latest creation here on this same blog. Time will tell!